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Wecreatelives is a social entrepreneurial venture to help, train and empower the differently abled. When the differently abled and physically challenged are totally discarded by society and the people, a bunch of young and vibrant engineering graduates are taking an initiative to launch a social Entrepreneurial venture to identify, train and provide skill development programs to the differently abled and physically challenged people.

Their aim is to remove all the differently abled from the streets and provide an opportunity for them to earn a livelihood.

The vision of this venture is to provide high employment opportunity to these sectors where getting a job was considered impossible.

Currently, wecreatelives has 2000+ differently abled persons from different districts in Kerala who are benefiting from their training and skill development programs. These people now are earning a living through making about 400+ products.

Our Training Programs

Skill Training

Vocational Training

Our Training

We provide free voccational training for empowering differently abled.

About Founder

Hai, I am Rahul RL, Motivator, Speaker, Wanderlust. Talking about my profession, I am a Software Engineer. However, our professions cannot always be our passions. My passion and aim in my life are to save the people around me. I may get success in my profession but the happiness and self-realization that I get in helping others and being for them are priceless. In my words, passion towards saving a human life is a passion towards God, because if you see someone's problem as your own problem then you become God in some form or the other.

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